PLAYERS99 Partnership Project provides the win win situation for both. On PLAYERS99,Partnerships will have the chance to earn more than 40% high commission! You only need to recommend all relatives and friends to join in as member, you can earn the highest rewards monthly. Monthly Settlement、Guarantee an earning、Welcome to Join PLAYERS99 as agent.

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Commission Corresponding Table

Monthly Nett Profit Monthly Active Member Rate of Commission(Live Casino、Slot Machines、Sports) (Lottery 、Number Games)
1-50000 >=3 25% 10%
50001-500000 >=5 30% 15%
500001-1000000 >=10 35% 20%
1000001以上 >=15 40% 25%

*How to calculate?

  1. Above「Terms &Conditions」 Nett Profit :All profits earned from company Sports 、Live Casino、Slot Machines、Number Games、Lottery will deduct those customers bonuses and others rewards.To sum up your offline players will pay for the PLAYERS99 nett profit monthly.
  2. Above「T&C」As an active members:Every month at least deposit 100 and above once and bet regularly, no minimum amount requirements. 
  3. Above「T&C」Only apply on sports, live casino,slot machines,number games , lottery(Exclude Poker)
  4. You must fuifil above criterias「T&C」(Monthly Nett Profit + Monthly Active Member)fuifill listed conditions only can earn the monthly commission,if fail to fuifill any one condition,For example,if fail to meet the listed condition such as hit the monthly nett profit and maintain as an active member, you will be exempted for commission.

Example 1: If company profit around 60000 RMB,monthly active member less than 3 member, No commission. Example 2: If company profit around 10000 RMB,monthly active member more than or equal to 3 member, (Live Casino、Slot Machines、Sports)Commission rate is 10000X25%. Example 3: If company profit around 10000 RMB,monthly active member more than or equal to 10 member, (Live Casino、Slot Machines、Sports)Commission rate is 10000X25%.

Negative carry:

"Any month of negative carry will bring forward to the following month. For example, If on January your partnership account with negative balance 5000 RMB, this amount will carry forward to February.If your business partner account balance is 10000 RMB nett profit on February, then your account balance will be 10000 RMB deducting 5000 RMB equal to 5000 RMB nett profit. If your account remains with negative balance in February, for example, if with negative balance 3000 RMB ,then the balance you bring forward to March will be negative balance 8000 RMB ,commission income will be given based on the correspondence level and percentage to every commission agent.

Commission Settlement/Payment Method

The settlement period is the 1st day untill the last day of the month , on every month of 1th - 5th the agent customer service will verify the last month commission,before 10th all of the commissions will direct transfer into the binding bank account.

Relevant T&C

  1. PLAYERS99 rights and obligations to Agent Union's.
    • PLAYERS99 will register the Agent Union's members and observe their betting condition. Agent Union's and the members must agree and follow the rules, policies and procedures.PLAYERS99 reserves the right to reject or froze the agent union's / members accounts.
    • Agent Union's can log-in anytime to observe the members betting condition and also follow up the website event progress.PLAYERS99 will according the agent union's members and calculate the commission.
    • PLAYERS99 reserves the right to modify the contract rules and regulations , including : Present commission,Commission plan,payment programme,and also the reference project rules and rights,PLAYERS99 will use email or post notice at the website to inform the agent union's. If Agent union's dissent with the modification,agent union's can choose to terminate the contract or inform the partnership department and responded it .If modified, the agent union's has no objections,will take it as defaults,agent union's must follow the modified rules and regulations. 
  2. Agent Union's rights and obligations to PLAYERS99.
    • Agent union's can try their best to promote and sales PLAYERS99 , maximizes the profit of the agent and also PLAYERS99. Agent union's can subject to under the laws.They can promote and sales PLAYERS99 positively,have the responsibility to inform those under members about the PLAYERS99 promotion and products.
    • If Agent Union's used to the promote PLAYERS99 by paying fees, agent should take the cost by own .
    • Any PLAYERS99 related information includes : Logo ,report ,game pictures , drawings,documents and others, agent union's cannot duplicate , public or share the related info,PLAYERS99 reserves the legal to prosecute the right. If agent want to use it as promoting materials , please contact PLAYERS99.
  3. Rules and Regulations
    • Every class of the agent union's without PLAYERS99 permission cannot create multiply proxy account,and also cannot go through PLAYERS99 account or related parties to earn commission.Please remember every class of agent cannot use the under account for betting, PLAYERS99 has the right to seal the account and also the commission earned from the games.
    • Recommended by the agent union's members registration time after you have officially become a partner, the recommended members not be recommended as a member of the other partners, if there are two or more partners to recommend the same member, the PLAYERS99 judgement shall prevail.
    • Agent union's under members cannot create more than one account. PLAYERS99 has the right to ask for the members to provide a valid proof of identity in order to verify the identity of the members,and reserved the right to determine the IP whether is the repeated members. If violated the items above , PLAYERS99 has the right to terminate the player for playing games and also sealed the account and the commission earned from the games.
    • In order to ensure all PLAYERS99 members account privacy and rights, PLAYERS99 will not provide any members password or personal details. All class of agent union's cannot use any methods to get the members details or log in any lower member account, if found out any agent union's violated the members privacy, PLAYERS99 has the right to cancel the agent union's bonus and cancel the agent union's account.
    • If Agent union's members has violated the rules and banned to enjoy the PLAYERS99 games , or PLAYERS99 returned the deposit to the members, PLAYERS99 will not assign the corresponding commission to the agent.
    • The terms in the contract will execute after PLAYERS99 has informed the agent union's for joining.PLAYERS99 and the agent union's can terminate the contract anytime.In any case, if the agent union's want to terminate the contract , must be in writing and email method and need to notify PLAYERS99 early in seven days.Agent union's performance will be review 3 month once,if the agent union's is no longer present as partner members , the contract can be terminate anytime.If the agent union's violated those terms, PLAYERS99 has the right to terminate the contract immediately.
    • Without the PLAYERS99 permission, agent union's cannot reveal and authorize PLAYERS99 privacy info, includes : Agent union's received feedback, commission report ,calculation , etc; After the contract expiration, agent union's shall have the responsibility to keep the confidential files and details confidentiality.
    • After the expiration of the contract, the agent union's and PLAYERS99 will no need to perform the right and obligations of each party.The termination of the contract does not remove the obligations of the agent union's should be prior to the terminations of contract.